Thursday, June 19, 2008

Polyphasic: FAIL

Family responsibilities over the last few days trumped my nap times, especially yesterday when I had to bring my youngest son with me to the office... try telling your energetic seven year old "Daddy has to turn out all the lights in the room and sleep for 30 minutes... you just sit there and do nothing, ok?" My babysitter informed me at 10p the night before she wouldn't make it, so I planned ahead for the lack of naps by sleeping all night. Although the other things that preceded this had hindered my napping, this effectively broke it. I tried to restart last night with a first nap, and woke up this morning with my sleep timer buried under my back.

I hate that I reached as far as I did only to have a small set of incidents occur together to derail me. But, at least now I do know that I can probably achieve this again if given some support to attempt it. My environment at home turned out to be less supportive of my experiment than I had expected. It's funny... you'd think it'd be the office that was less supportive.

At the end of the first quarter:
Monophasic World - 1
The Nazg - 0


Tony Maro said...

Sorry it didn't work out for you. Personally I've had worries over the healthfulness of the experiment, but I've never tried it. Years ago I gave up alarm clocks in favor of getting to work whenever I felt like it. I tend to go to bed around 1 AM and get up around 9 AM naturally.

When I was in Hawaii I found out that they live in my time zone! For a change I slept at the same time as everyone else.

Jasmine said...

Hi Nazg,

I can totally relate on your situation on trying to switch from a monophasic sleeper to a polyphasic sleeper. I've just started my journey into it and I can tell you, with having a 3 year old daughter and being a single mother , it definitely gets draining.

I do know exactly what you are talking about when you stated you were at work and needed to take a nap, or the sitter was running late. It gets difficult to find a schedule when your own personal schedule keeps changing. I hope that maybe you'd like to try again, because I have seen first hand that once you do get it down, using all the time is remarkable! My father is a polyphasic sleeper since he works nights. He's recently changed his sleep schedule for about 7 months now. He tells me that he enjoys having so much time to finally enjoy everything he wants to do. Anyways, I won't bore you with my family matters, I just wanted to say good job!

till said...

What a beating. :)

I have to agree with Tony though, if I am not totally beat, I now get up between 7 and 8 AM. Sometimes even earlier.

I use my alarm every so often, but I am not really slave to it.

Point taken, when I really need sleep, I also sleep in. But my current projects allow that.